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Friends this world is full of wonders. When we see such wonders, we believe that there is some power somewhere that is running this whole universe.

wonderWe THEVIRALTAKE brought one such wonder that has shocked the whole world called ‘Door To Hell’.

Source: SBS

This amazing wonder ‘Door To Hell’ is in the village of Derweze in Turkmenistan. People come from all over the world to see it.

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Derweze is a Persian word that means door or gate. This Darvaza gas crater is 230 feet wide and has been under natural fire since 1971. Turkmenistan’s 14 percent of population lives in these villages. Prior to 1971, a team of scientists from the Soviet Union went there to search for gas and oil. They started drilling in nearby Darvez village and suddenly a huge crater was built there. There was no loss of life due to this accident but a large amount of methane gas started coming out from this crater. Now the scientists had a big problem how to stop this poisonous gas. To stop this gas, two ways either the crater should be closed or the crater should be set on fire. After much discussion, it was decided that this crater should be set on fire and since then this fire has been burning.

Source: Instagram

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