WTF: Fast-Food Outlet Burger King Introduced ‘Social Distance Crowns’ In Germany – TVT

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In this epidemic, if anyone is suffering the most, then it is the food industry. There is a fear in the people whether the food is hygienic or not.
All the big fast-food outlets are bringing creative ideas to approach people.

Burger King has a comes up with funny way to keep their customers socially distant.

In Germany, the fast-food chain ‘Burger King’ first of all showcase a “social distance crowns” to keep their customers 6 feet apart each other.

Burger King

Burger King also started their unique campaigns in other countries as well.

In Italy, the fast-food chain also has found the way to keep their customers social distant. They provide every customers ‘Social Distancing Whopper’


Burger King

Seeing this unique way, the flame burst inside people and responds on Twitter.

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