WTF Happened Today’s News- Pakistani News Channel Displays Amir Khan’s Photo for Murder Accused

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A Pakistani News Channel accidently flash an actor Amir Khan’s picture as murder accused while the real news about MQM leader Amir Khan who recently got exonerated in a murder case of social activist in 2003.

Every News Channels has its own reputation and sometimes they spoil their authenticity in a hurry to break the news.

Journalist Nayla Inayat twitted, “Headline: After 17 years MQM leader Amir Khan exonerated in a murder case.Didn’t know Indian actor Amir Khan was in Pakistan for the last 17 years..”

Actually the confusion was born with the same name “Amir Khan”. For those who don’t know the actual news, the MQM leader named Amir Khan

reportedly sentenced to 10 years in jail for involvement in killing of two social activist in 2003.

Suddenly the news channel realized their mistake and by the time they fixed it. But screenshot are already floating and heavily trolled in social media.

After this incident took place the actor’s fans blasted and heavily trolled the news channel for this error.

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