WTF! Why Youtube Removed CarryMinati’s Roasting Video Youtube Vs TikTok: The End? -TVT

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We all familiar about Popular YouTuber CarryMinati (real name Ajey Nagar) created a video on YouTube vs TikTok: End. In this video he was seen roasting famous Tiktokers like  Amir Siddiqui which went viral and breaks all records in viewership.

An interesting twist has come to this story. YouTube has taken down this video from its platform and stated that this video has been removed for violating YouTube’s Terms And Policies..

Why Youtube Takedown The Most Viewed Content ever In Google Platform?

  • Youtube Vs Tiktok: The End Video Violated Terms and policies.
  • Youtube is very strict in third party content use without consent of original creator.
  • Google & Youtube analyze your Content to help detect infringement and abuse, such as spam, malware, and illegal content.

Carry’s Youtube vs Tiktok roast video fetched 13 M Views and 4.1 M Likes. CarryMinati fans on twitter badly hurt after deleted his roast video and memes and trending #justiceforcarry in support.

The main reason why Youtube remove CarryMinati roast video Youtube Vs TikTok: The End because he uses third party content without taking their permission and YouTube does not tolerate abusive slang on its platform.

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